What is a Frontier Futurist

John doesn’t just look at trends and try to predict what’s coming. Instead, he actively helps to shape the future we see unfolding by building these technologies as well as the workforce and infratructure to support them.

York Exponential

York Exponential is the leader in robotic solutions designed to bring collaborative robots into your organization, to tackle the challenges facing manufacturing in today’s economy. Augmenting America through industrial and collaborative robots.

Hygeia Robotics

Life sciences are a pillar of modern society. They enrich the world by creating life saving medical and pharmaceutical solutions. Hygeia Robotics can help you concentrate your efforts on creating and inventing by alleviating your staff of the mundane, allowing them to focus on higher-level tasks.

Metis Cybernetics

Our from-scratch robot-agnostic communications platform bridging the gap between disparate systems.

York Plan 2.0

Based on a plan that is credited with saving the world during WW2, John has brought new life into an initiative which will help to bring the community into the future without being left behind by it.

Innovation District

The Innovation District project in the Northwest Triangle of York, PA is an imbitious plan to establish a campus dedicated to bringing education, workforce development, and community together to build the future of Middle America.