As the Executive Director for VisionGreenwood, my role is to focus on Greenwood’s future and position our community for growth and success. Through meaningful conversations and community collaboration, we can collectively ensure that our community is prepared for opportunities and is not left behind with the fast pace of emerging technologies. The reality is that we were drastically unprepared for the pandemic and the huge leap forward in technology such as robots, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, and now Web 3.0 and the Metaverse. Coupled with “the Great Resignation” and the change in the nature of work, I knew that it was essential to have this conversation in our community and that it is a vital link in the framework for the future. That’s when I reached out to John McElligott to deliver a keynote presentation for community leaders and students in my hometown of Greenwood, South Carolina.
I needed someone to be blatantly honest with our community while connecting the dots in a practical way, and John did not disappoint! His presentation was powerful, intriguing yet inspiring, and has created dozens of conversations from local government to entrepreneurs to organizations at the state level. But John went beyond just the keynote event; he took a personal interest in fully understanding our community. In fact, he went above and beyond by delivering two outreach presentations to all of the tenth-grade students in the school districts and gave an eye
opening experience that impacted their futures! In just 45 minutes, they went from knowing very little about robots, Artificial Intelligence or Advanced Technology, to nearly 300 students signing up to learn new skills, have their voices heard, and demand that we do better as a community in preparing for an uncertain future.
If you are looking for someone to consult or deliver a keynote at an event, the choices are endless. But if you’re looking for someone to help create and build a movement or transform a community, look no further because John McElligott will exceed your expectations.

Kay Self – Executive Director for VisionGreenwood